My route

A native of Montpellier, from a family of artists with a self-taught guitarist father and a mother painter designer, I fulfilled myself in a rich and colorful! Then I grew up in the Pas de Calais where I draw my musical education.
At 6 years old, during a leisure center show I feel the pleasure of singing before my first audience. The curiosity and envy prompted me to enroll in music school where I learn music theory and I discovered the flute. Then I invested in choral classes where I enjoy sharing and listening which positions my voice and allows me to express myself as a soloist at a concert of Christmas. This is when I show up on open stages and local singing competition.
Until 2010 when I won the 1st place in my category, giving birth to two original titles: "The Black Cat" (Vincent Valem) that shaped my interpretation and "The best for the future" (Stevens Vasseur / Vincent Valem ) of a more personal nature.
The following year, I leave the Pas de Calais and settle down in Auvergne.
I develop my ability to sing live in a pop rock group.
Then I meet a local association that organizes private and public events, I joined his band cabaret volunteered to set my stage play.
It was an enriching experience with beautiful scenes in 2013 and 2014 including the Jaude Centre, the 4 Z'Arts Clermont Ferrand Festival, the telethons, interventions in nursing homes and C.C.A.S ...
The challenge and the desire to make myself heard leads me to different stepping stones as the cast of the musical Auvergne Ulysses, the show "this is my chance" on France Bleu National, voice tower where I went to regional final but also the local casting "The Voice" in the ear of Mr Bruno Berbers, or the cast of the New Star in Lyon.
In 2014, I shared the stage with another artist, Kevin Bourgey.
I get a partnership with an author and composer for the development of my first album, the texts were worked with Véronique Seruch music by Denise Lengrand. Rich collaborations that have comforted me in my ability to write.

2015, one year projects ...
I settle in Paris area to optimize my meetings with the public.
On stage, I joined my audience, May 2 at Cosy Montparnasse (75), but also during the music festival,
including Saint Nectaire (63) and Nostalgia concert promoted on France Bleu, article in the newspaper La Montagne

My goal is to increase individual or shared representations ... Meet in the Agenda section!
I discover the studio where I Uptown 'saves the models of 10 titles in a universe of French songs with
subtle colors of folk, country, blues, jazz ... (Texts Véronique Seruch / Music Denise Lengrand).
The album is currently still in the stage of finishing and mastering to allow it to emerge in the best conditions.

I write more and more and I present on stage, including recently you recently discovered on stage:
"Green retro", "Rest cries" and "pixie Bouille," three songs set to music by Eric Miller.


2016 continues!


I reinvented myself in Auvergne to return to the sources of my inspiration. I then unveil to you my musical universe through sounds jazz, blues, funcky ... a world where I invite emotions and where the words have their importance. I started a collaboration with Didier Capbern for instrumental creation. A new set of songs sees the day from November 2016, intuitive set "Messages" which will be continued early 2017. I expand my repertoire with as a project to be able to find you soon on the stages

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