Works of the fans

This page is dedicated to the fans who have donate their talent to testify me of their support! 

One thank you to them !!!

If you too wish you to send me something (drawings, texts, poems etc.) use the column (section) Contact.

This page will be regularly updated

And think of signing your works!

A : This above the sketch of my portrait drawn in the air  by a faithful "admirer".


B : Above a received magic drawing, 

I admit that he(it) brings reflection..

C : My logo arrived on this August 22nd, 2014!

One thank you to Mrs Catherine Pruvost,

Draftswoman and painter of this logo for sound

Big professionalism and talent!

© Catherine Pruvost 2014


D :  (To read the text click above)

One very Thank you in

Madam Véronique Séruch, 

For this magnificent text!!!

I admit that it is moving to read the image that one

Be reflected when she is described as this ! 

In September 20th, 2014 - © Véronique Séruch author lyric writer

Work done in the framework of the song:

"The panic of the 3 monkeys" © December 2016

I would like to congratulate and thank wholeheartedly

Mrs Catherine Pruvost

For this illustration drawn in paper pencil.



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